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The Tail of Waggey Land

My name is JR Sousa. I’m a resident of Milton, Mass and the founding partner of Waggey Land. I worked in corporate America for over 25 years managing various health care facilities, from skilled nursing to assisted living. Like many, I had a demanding career and struggled managing my life/work balance. I have always been a dog lover, having had the privilege of owning some special pooches in my life.So when the right time came, there was no question my next adventure would involve dogs.

 My work was all-consuming, starting at sunrise after ending another late day. Preparing for the day and finding time to walk (and play with!) my dog before work was too much. Then it was another rush to get home. Over the years I tried a number of doggie services, but they were all the same: informal relationships with non-existent customer service, coupled with inflexible scheduling and poor conditions. And there was the added time spent driving to a location, parking and rushing my dog off; rinse/repeat in the evenings. Life shouldn’t work this way!

 So we’re different at Waggey Land. Everything about Waggey Land is about convenience and service to you as an owner, and a fun and safe outlet for your pooch. With our Play Care service, we'll pick up your pooch in the morning and drop them off in the evening, happy and tired from a day of safe indoor/outdoor fun and play.

 Every dog has a unique personality – what works for one dog may not work for another and we get that. Our goal is to make your life easy and give you comfort that Waggey Land is an extension of your family. We look forward to meeting and seeing how we can be your dog’s second home, giving you peace of mind that your beloved pup is safe, happy and well cared for. 

 My business partner John Cherry joined me at the opening of our Hyde Park location. Having started as a happy client, John immediately recognized the unique concept built on trust, safety and socialization. Having owned dogs his whole life, John saw this as an opportunity to take a break from finance to help me build Waggey Land into the premier doggie destination.

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