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The Tail of Waggey Land 

     My name is JR Sousa, I am a resident in Milton, Massachusetts and I am the founding partner of Waggey Land. I worked in corporate America for over 25 years managing and operating various health care facilities from skilled nursing homes to assisted living, specializing in Alzheimer’s Care.  Like many of you I had a demanding and stressful career and always had a difficult time managing my work and life balance. I have always been a dog lover and have had the privilege of having some very special pets in my life so when it came time for me to take a break from corporate America there was no question in my mind that my next adventure would involve dogs. When I was working for corporate America it was an all-consuming experience for me to wake up early after working a late night. To get ready for another long day, find time to walk the dog before work, and make my commute by 7:00 AM was too much. After that it was another rush to make it home quick enough to take care of my pet. Luckily, I had a friend who I could call to help me when I was in a jam or if he couldn’t help me, as much as I hate to admit it I would come home to a puddle or some other sort of surprise  on (you guessed it) my favorite rug or new hardwood floors. After, a few of those gifts returning home I explored some Doggy Day Cares in our area.  I will not bore or shock you with some awful experiences and bad customer service experiences I have had over the years.  I would still have to drive to the location, park, drop the dog off, rinse and then repeat in the evenings.  If you are running late because of work, you get slammed with a late fee.  Over several years I tried many different places however most were the same: a very informal non flexible schedule and relationship.  Life doesn’t work that way! I needed help and flexibility because my job demanded that of me. I also wanted to make sure my pet was taken care of when I was away.  If I had a last minute business trip it was almost impossible to find a place that would care for him while I was away.  When I decided upon a second career my first and only concept was Waggey Land, everything about Waggey Land is about convenience to you as a dog owner and fun, Fun, FUN! for your dog.  My hope and goal is to make your life easy and to make you feel  that we are truly an extension of your family.  Everything from our flat fee pricing, no nickel and diming you. We are completely different from any other place, from the moment you meet us we will complete a puppy assessment so that I truly can get to know you and your pets specific needs, and truly get to know your beloved pet.  Like people, every dog is different and has a personality.  What works for one dog doesn’t work for another and we get that.


     My name is Diane Higgins and I am a Milton resident.  During my 20’s and 30’s in my working life, I worked extensively in the restaurant field and marketing.  For the last fifteen years I worked for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as an Administrative Aide in the Senate.  As my partner JR notes above, I too was ready for a change and wanted to pursue a career that would enable me to work in a field I’ve always been drawn too: animal care.  I love dogs and spend as much time as possible in their company.  For me, Waggey Land and caring for pooches was, to my delight, a natural progression. 


     Waggey Land was designed with convenience and ease of use, in mind. With our Play Care we pick up the pooch and drop them off nice and tired from a day of fun and play. When we come for a Walk and Play Time, we bring Waggey Land to your home. Everything from our website to our services is all about ease of use and convenience for YOU and fun, Fun, FUN! for your pet. We look forward to meeting you and seeing how Waggey Land can truly be your pet's second home, giving you the peace of mind that your beloved pet is safe, happy, and loved with us.

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