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Waggey Land Pooch Assessment

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The purpose of our pooch assessment is to meet with you and your beloved pet in your home to learn what dog care needs are most important for you and to observe your dog’s personality and behaviors. A free, comprehensive pooch assessment will need to be completed on a date and time of your convenience before Waggey Land can perform any services. At most doggie day cares, the relationship between the facility and pet owner is informal: an anonymous drop off & pick up of your cherished pooch. That is not our way at Waggey Land. Every dog has a uniquer personality and we get that. And at Waggey Land, we want to be your pet's second home!

During the Assessment

During the assessment, you'll also learn all about Waggey Land: who we are, what we do and why we do it. We are not your average doggie day care. At Waggey Land we want to be your precious pet’s second home and we take that responsibility very seriously. By the conclusion of the assessment, we'll have a greater understanding of each other, and by taking this time, we can put a perfect plan in place and give you the peace of mind that Waggey Land is a team that loves what we do: keeping your pup safe, happy and loved!

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